Finding the best candidate for the appropriate position, highly professional, high quality and fast.

Being able to listen to the client, to understand the search complexity and the client, to know the candidate market, to analyse people in order to perfectly manage the recruitment process. With tact and sensitivity.

Supporting companies in the search for management and junior executives:

  • All functions in manufacturing and processing industries, companies in the energy and professional service sectors
  • HR and finance positions in all sectors

Extensive experience in the search for candidates in and outside of Austria, management of search projects, conducting interviews, carrying out reference conversations.

The success of a placement depends on much more than just finding a person on a website. My best placements were based on research and recommendations. The suitable candidates not only had the right professional fit but also the right personality for the particular corporate culture of the client.

Searching for candidates that fit the corporate culture, by this I mean the actual leadership and corporate culture as well as the leadership understanding of the respective superior. Only if there is a clear picture of these areas will the filling be successful.

A search request not simply received and processed by me, but there is an ongoing communication between the client and me. This is the basis for a successful cooperation. A personnel search is a dynamic process and thrives on interaction, a high level of client involvement and top quality.

Target group: Companies