Finding the best candidate for the appropriate position, highly professional, high quality and fast.

Being able to listen to the client, to understand the search complexity and the client, to know the candidate market, to analyse people in order to perfectly manage the recruitment process. With tact and sensitivity.

Support in the search for executives in all industries and divisions. I focus on senior executive searches.


I was able to learn my trade from scratch with the best headhunters in the world at the time, and many national and international appointments in Austria were made possible by my successful candidate search. The professional search process I learned back then is still part of every search today. Back then, I was also allowed to train new employees at worldwide training courses. Today, digital elements and new search channels round off the search process.

In my past, I worked on a wide variety of search mandates in a wide variety of industries, nationally and internationally. Additional specialisation in CFO, industrial and energy searches as part of national and international search projects.

Examples of searches I have worked on:

  • CFO in a wide variety of industries
  • Head of Controlling
  • Head of Accounting
  • Head of Tax
  • Head of Treasury
  • General Manager Retail
  • Managing Director Business Unit
  • Managing Director Subsidiary
  • Managing Director Subsidiary Abroad
  • General Manager
  • Head of Project Management
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Head of Supply Chain Management
  • Head of Logistics
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Refinery Manager
  • Search for specialists in various industries, etc.


My focus today is on searching for candidates in Austria and Europe. I do not currently cover worldwide searches and I do not offer recruitment searches in the following industries:

  • Life Sciences
  • Real Estate
  • Media
  • Hospitality and hotel industry

I only work on search mandates that I can successfully carry out and am happy to recommend other service providers if required.

Search process

The search for suitable candidates is systematic. Each search is set up accordingly: even if most candidates are already well known on the market, because one knows the industry well, one must always think outside the box. Otherwise, one runs the risk of not identifying and finding further interesting candidates.

Search process:

  • Creation of a target company list
  • Identification of candidates
  • Approach of candidates
  • Interview
  • Candidate presentation
  • References

The above points represent a rough process that consists of many more sub-processes and nuances.

I do not simply process a search assignment, but there is ongoing communication between the client and me. This is the basis for successful cooperation. Each search is a dynamic process and thrives on interaction, a high level of customer understanding and the highest quality. Market intelligence is important for every client.


I currently handle all search projects personally and am happy to call on the help of an external research pool if a large number of search mandates are involved. It goes without saying that all information relating to a search project is handled with absolute confidentiality. I am used to working on several search projects in parallel.


My network consists of highly qualified and professional persons with many years of executive search experience who can support me in European-wide personnel searches if necessary. A substitute will be provided in case of illness or absence of my person. The substitution will only be implemented in the specific case with the client’s consent.

Success factors

The success of a placement depends on much more than finding a person on a platform. My best placements are made through research and recommendations. The candidates not only have the right professional fit, but also the right personality for the respective client company culture.

Searching for candidates who fit the corporate culture: by this I mean the leadership and corporate culture actually lived, as well as the understanding of leadership of the respective superior. Only when there is a clear picture of these areas will the appointment be successful.

What distinguishes my work?

  • Agility, flexibility, speed.
  • Few “off-limits” situations.
  • Due to my many years of experience as the HR manager of a medium-sized, international company and as a former client of executive search projects, I am able to put myself in the shoes of the respective client.


My conditions are standard: 30-day payment terms, 12-month guarantee.

Target group: companies