How do you manage all services?

All activities are carried out with the utmost care. Currently, I carry out the projects independently. If I don’t have any capacity left, then I turn down projects.

What is your focus?

My focus is executive search. The other services are a good addition. I am used to working a lot and can therefore handle several projects at the same time.

Do you work on executive search assignments on a retainer basis or on a success basis?

I do not work based on success fees.

Which projects do you not work on?

I don’t work on any projects that I can’t do, that’s service independent. In Executive Search I work as a generalist. Even in my early days over 20 years ago, I had to work very often on “new” executive searches. I will always give accurate feedback if I can’t do something and recommend if needed.

Do you conduct trainings?

I currently do not conduct any training or education and refer you to my network.

Do you work in cooperation with other service providers?

I work with selected cooperation partners. The quality of the cooperation and the added value for the customer are always of highest priority.

How would you describe your company?

A fine boutique that is characterised by experience and know-how gained in top international companies.

Why should you work with Bianca Flaschner e.U.?

Sustained experience in top executive search, in corporate HR management and in management consulting. This enables me to illuminate and handle projects from a wide variety of perspectives.