Not only at the top does it can get lonely.

The opportunity to exchange views with an external person who has many years of management and business experience, on important issues that burden you, in order to find the best solution for yourself.

Support of executives and junior managers in the context of professional and/or private issues.

Long-standing accompaniment of executives and junior managers supplemented by training as a Systemic Coach.

Professionally conducted coaching can in most cases lead to a positive aha-experience for the coachee. The reasons for a coaching could not be more different, but one thing is the same for all coaching processes, the coachee works out his own solution and is accompanied by me as a coach.

My many years of professional experience allow me to offer and conduct business coaching for executives and junior managers.

Coaching can also be held on weekends; in which case I will be guided by the client’s wishes.

Target group: Companies, private individuals