Which position suits me?

To have the opportunity to use one's own strengths as an advantage in order to be successful on the labour market.

Looking for a conversation with a professional on the topic of career, professional development?

Every career decision is a significant step – and good planning increases the chances. That’s why sound preparation is a must in my view.

My focus is on comprehensive support for people who have a clear desire to change professionally as well as for those who have to change due to certain circumstances and want to be professionally accompanied in doing so.

Two decades of experience packed with thousands of interviews conducted by me, review/screening of application documents and countless career-technical recommendations and career tips, from the perspective of a headhunter, HR manager and systemic coach.

Ultimately, it is about realistic expectations, honest feedback, focus on strengths, authenticity and much more. A bundle of measures that actually helps with professional reorientation.

Personally, I do not believe in promises regarding future promotions or salary increases as these are company-specific and are therefore not within my sphere of influence.

Instead, I offer an “all-round package” with a lot of experience from a wide variety of perspectives, a wealth of questions, feedback and a feel for my counterpart.

And that’s what my customers really appreciate about me and give me as feedback again and again.

The range of services is diverse:

  • Determining the future direction
  • Preparation of application documents
  • Training to professionalise interviewing skills
  • Preparation for job advertisements
  • Preparation for hearings for top executive positions, etc.

Important: Current executive search projects are strictly separated from this service.

As a matter of course, the following applies to all my activities: All conversations are subject to absolute confidentiality.

Career counselling sessions can also be conducted at weekends.

Target group: companies (outplacement), private individuals