Which position suits me?

To have the opportunity to use one's own strengths as an advantage in order to be successful on the labour market.

Looking for a conversation with a professional on the subject of career, professional development? This service includes a broad selection on the topic of personal career.

Twenty years of experience packed with thousands of interviews I have conducted, review/screening of applications and countless career technical recommendations and career tips, from the perspective of a head-hunter and human resources executive.

For me personally, it is wonderful to be able to assist individuals in their career plans. My professional experience as a headhunter, HR manager and my training as a systemic coach form the specialist foundation for professional consulting.

Ultimately, it is about realistic expectations, honest feedback, focus on strengths, authenticity and much more, a bundle of measures that actually help with career reorientation.

In my personal opinion, I do not believe in promises regarding future promotions or salary increases, for example; these are company-specific and are therefore not within my sphere of influence.

Instead, I offer an “all-round package” with a lot of experience from a variety of perspectives, a wealth of questions, feedback and a feel for my counterpart.

And that is what my clients appreciate about me and give me feedback on, again and again.

I cannot make the career decision for you, but based on my many years of experience, I can support you in the decision-making process and put the finishing touches on your application. Be it through a CV check and review, a mock interview or guidance on the direction your career could take.

In the event of an involuntary departure from a job situation, I am also a good contact person.

Career consulting sessions can also be conducted at weekends, I will work according to the client’s wishes.

Target group: Companies, private individuals