The potential of people is huge when used correctly.

Companies have the right to the best employee, the candidate the right to the best employer. Personal development is not wishful thinking, but possible at any time.

Every person can achieve the maximum potential professionally if they do what is right for them, can use their skills and competences appropriately and enjoy what they do. Only then will employer and employee be happy together. I have been able to make this observation many times in the course of my career, which makes it all the more important for me to support both companies and individuals in finding each other.

It is about finding the most suitable candidate for a company and the most suitable company for the candidate. High quality consulting services, experience and speed are necessary to achieve the best result.

When providing professional coaching support to top leaders, executives, and junior executives, it is very important to have a lot of experience. Top leaders and executives are often “alone” and do not have many people in the organisation with whom they can discuss sensitive issues. They also often need space to be able to reflect, for example, to resolve conflicts, to define new ways of solving problems for themselves or to talk in confidence about an issue that is bothering them. Coaching as a tool to support top leaders, executives and junior managers has become indispensable.

People should be encouraged to develop their potential, and in many cases career guidance is very helpful in this process. Be it with upcoming or planned professional changes, with the preparation for upcoming interviews or with the formulation of application documents.

My motivation – “Bringing companies and people together when it is the best fit for both sides, helping people to realise their full potential and achieve their desired career goals.”


Executive Search

Are you looking for the most suitable candidate who, because of his skillset and personality, is an ideal match for your team and corporate culture? The most successful placements are based on finding candidates for the client who really fit. Not only because of their professional skills, but above all because of their personality, which should fit the respective corporate and leadership culture of the company. These are not just empty words, but it is my commitment to executive search projects.

Business Coaching

A business coach carries a great responsibility, because he accompanies the coachee through a coaching process which is usually also an incentive for change. What I offer is many years of professional experience in business coaching and experience in supporting numerous executives and aspiring managers. I am qualified as a Systemic Coach and offer specialised individual coaching with a systemic approach, application of the most popular coaching models and visualisation methods, extended training also in the areas of crisis and group coaching.

Career Counseling

I have conducted countless career discussions and answered numerous questions on the subject of careers. No matter where you are at the moment, whether you are just starting out or in the middle of your career, it is often useful to talk to an expert about career-related topics such as the desire for change, preparation for a hearing or job advertisement or simply reflecting on your own development potential.