20 years of professional experience in executive search, group personnel management, HR consulting and the support of executives and junior executives in one company.

Founded by a person who knows and understands the challenges of companies and individuals on the labour market from a variety of perspectives.

The company Bianca Flaschner e.U. was founded out of the desire to combine my experience in executive search, operative HR work in a corporation and HR consulting work in my own company. My many years of professional experience have shown me that only an open and honest client relationship is successful. Companies and individuals benefit from the expertise of a consultant, so it is important to have competence and experience in the services offered. From my personal experience, the consultant must understand the client, and in my view, this works even better if the consultant has also worked in a position of responsibility themself, i.e. on the client side.

My passion is to discover the potential in other people. As a manager, it has always filled me with pride when talents have been able to develop into high performers and these talents have shown what they are made of.

My professional experience over the last 20 years allows me to take on the role of a consultant who finds the most suitable executive and/or junior executive for companies, accompanies people in change situations through business coaching and provides my expertise in the context of career consulting.

I provide high quality consulting services in the context of executive search, business coaching and career consulting, so that my clients want to work with me time and time again.

Corporate Mission Statement

“Every company works according to clearly defined principles that every member of the company lives by. Essential elements of corporate culture can be derived from these principles.”

The aim of the company Bianca Flaschner e.U. is to offer consulting services at the highest level. The client knows what Bianca Flaschner e.U. stands for:

  • Top quality and professionalism
  • The client and their needs are in the foreground
  • Utmost discretion and confidentiality
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability
  • Mutual trust and appreciation are fundamental conditions for a successful cooperation