Customer Feedback


Ms. Flaschner accompanied me as a coach and career counsellor for several months. She was able to give me lasting advice at a particularly challenging time in my professional life. Sometimes we call on the know-how of qualified personalities in the context of coaching, who bring us back from the impasse and accompany us part of the way or take us further. Personally and professionally, Ms. Flaschner embodies an exceptionally well-balanced mixture of experience, rationality, personality, intrinsic motivation – and heart. She can transfer her extensive practical experience excellently into the different counselling contexts.

Thus, she was a great support for me in working out different perspectives for my further career – always considering my specific situation. At the first meeting with her, you immediately feel connected.

She was able to intervene at the right time (with a lot of honesty and competence) with her professional opinion – and at the same time, thanks to her excellent intuition, also as a factual observer and listener, she was able to further deepen my trust and direct my gaze to the essentials and the future.

Throughout the entire process with Ms. Flaschner, you notice that she is extremely quick to recognise connections (which you don’t even notice at first glance yourself), remembers every detail and at the same time is always interested in the “big picture”. Personally, you feel incredibly comfortable with Ms Flaschner.

I can unconditionally recommend Ms Flaschner as a personality, coach and career advisor and look forward to every collaboration that arises with her in the future.

Katharina, lawyer in Vienna

I approached Ms. Flaschner with two issues: Coaching in personnel management and consulting on organisational development. As a sole proprietor I have been successful with my small, exclusive law firm for many years, but in matters of personnel management I was often uncertain: Have I selected the right people, how do I motivate these people to perform better? How do I ensure quality and continuity, and can I reduce my own workload? The coaching and consulting of Ms. Flaschner helped me to overcome these uncertainties, to define new objectives and to adopt a more positive attitude of expectation. Ms. Flaschner is very experienced, has a strong perspective on things and can empathize very well, she always asks the right questions. Her motivation and positive attitude towards people are simply contagious. Thanks to her, the last appraisal interview was already a complete success!”


Thomas, Vienna

I found the coaching very valuing; the suggestions were very useful for me in my role and also practically applicable.”


Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Szekeres, PhD

Dear Ms. Flaschner,
I would like to thank you very much for the excellent organizational analysis and the resulting advice, the implementation of which has been very helpful. I would also like to thank her for her help in recruiting senior staff. Thanks to the perfect selection of suitable candidates, we succeeded in finding the right employee. I was impressed by the appreciative way they dealt with us and their professionalism.